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Innovation process

Challenge stage

In the challenge stage, challenges are identified and discussed and team creation and team building is supported. In the idea stage, the innovation teams work on their idea and get methodological and financial support.

The challenge stage consists of activities that are useful to develop and generate new ideas. This includes open innovation events and calls to involve all stakeholders from other networks and different areas and AI experts. This helps to understand the problem deeper and will hopefully lead to radical ideas. Furthermore, innovation teams are established to develop the idea. The involved SMEs and their customers come from the activities or needed experts will be involved in the call-for-participation process, reaching out to the 600+ experts of the data innovation alliance and beyond the partners.

Idea stage

In the idea stage, the ideas will be further developed by shaping the value proposition and having a first feasibility check with critical feedback sessions. Depending on the degree of maturity of the solution, an implementation of a prototype (Minimal Viable Products, MVP) can then be aimed for. The essential solution ideas will be checked and a roadmap for implementation is drawn up.