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The Innovation Booster Artificial Intelligence is an innovation program of the leading house data innovation alliance by Innosuisse. More information about the Innosuisse Innovation Booster can be found here.

  • It is open to all innovation actors in Switzerland and based on an innovation-driven open community of 600+ experts in technological, business-related and social disciplines from industry and academia.
  • It identifies innovation opportunities and supports innovative ideas with targeted innovation initiatives.
  • It enables interdisciplinary innovation teams of experts and researchers the development of new technologically leading solutions – successful in the market, and accepted by society.
  • It is running from 2024-2027.
  • It runs based on the Innosuisse mission guidelines, our code of conduct and our community manifesto.

The IB Artificial Intelligence is based on three scientific pillars:

AI Technology

The technology is rapidly evolving, from AutoML and Generative AI to learning systems actively interacting with humans and processes.

Business Models

For sustainable business with AI the fields of the digital economy, open innovation, and service science act as methodological backbones for value creation.


The active integration of ethics, sociology, and psychology to align AI with social values needs.

Within the IB Artificial Intelligence, four subtopics are defined

AI in manufacturing

The Innovation Booster pushes innovation designed to reduce all kinds of losses (material waste, energy) in production processes. Approaches that combine human knowledge with ML technologies play a significant role.

AI for sustainable value creation

In the service sector (incl. industrial services), the Innovation Booster pushes innovation that integrates technological, business-related, and societal aspects for achieving environmental, economic and social sustainability. With respect to sectors, we focus on (a) Industrial services, (b) Services in Finance, (c) MedTech, and (d) climate change mitigation.

Resource-optimized AI

The Innovation Booster fosters innovation designed to reduce the costs of AI. It includes the energy consumption of ML, the need for hardware and the demand for human resources. It makes AI more accessible for SMEs and startups.

Responsible AI

The need for innovation to achieve socially responsible designs of AI is driven by the upcoming European AI Act and other regulations, raising concerns of different social actors. This requires careful and innovative integration of ethical and technological aspects of AI.

The subtopics each relate to at least two of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which underline their relevance for society and their alignment with Switzerland’s political strategy to implement the Agenda 2030. 

The success of the IB Artificial Intelligence will be ensured by incorporating the existing expertise of the professional network of the data innovation alliance, and the collaboration with national and international partners 

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