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Januar 2024 – The data innovation alliance introduces the Innovation Booster “Artificial Intelligence”: A New Front in Swiss Innovation Collaboration

Switzerland, known for its commitment to innovation, is poised to harness the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The data innovation alliance is at the forefront of this revolution with the launch of the Innovation Booster Artificial Intelligence, reinforcing Switzerland’s position as an innovation leader.

In the era of advanced AI models like ChatGPT, businesses often find themselves grappling with the vast technological possibilities while lacking the necessary expertise to implement AI in the workplace. Conversely, academics possess technical knowledge but often lack the support to turn their research into practical applications.

Recognizing these challenges, the data innovation alliance serves as a bridge between innovation-seeking companies and university researchers. This NGO network facilitates collaboration, pooling knowledge from diverse fields to develop marketable products and services for the Swiss economy. By assembling modular, project-based teams, the alliance fosters innovation nationwide through data-projects, with Innovation Booster programs offering project-workshops and a funding guide.

The Innovation Booster “Artificial Intelligence”, powered by Innosuisse, embraces radical thinking to address society’s pressing challenges, such as globalization, digitalization, and environmental shifts. It cultivates open, collaborative responses that leverage AI to solve these problems.

What sets the Innovation Booster Artificial Intelligence apart is its practical approach. As an expert open-community initiative, it taps into the expertise of over 600 specialists from both industry and academia in the AI field. This program is inclusive, welcoming participation from all sectors of Switzerland’s innovation community by identifying promising opportunities and seamlessly integrating resources. Its targeted initiatives bridge the gap between visionary ideas and tangible outcomes.

With the launch of the Innovation Booster Artificial Intelligence, the data innovation alliance actively promotes innovation driven by socially and economically viable AI, benefiting Switzerland and propelling it into the future of innovation.

About Innovation Boosters: 

Innovation Boosters are a community with an open innovation culture in which key players work together with agile and user-centric methods to explore problems and develop sustainable new ideas for radical solutions collaboratively. In doing so, they give Swiss companies and organisations a competitive advantage and create important added value for the Swiss economy and society.


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