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Tag: Co-organized Event

Webinar: Potential added-value of Artificial Intelligence-based solutions to improving the quality of care of seniors

There are many potential applications of AI in healthcare, particularly in the care of older people. This mainly refers to algorithm-based computing techniques that manage and analyze large data sets to make conclusions and predictions: from clinical decision support systems that can help detect delirium from medical records to wearable devices that can predict the risk of falls.

In this webinar, the needs and challenges of older people will be presented and defined and possible solutions based on artificial intelligence methods for specific application examples will be demonstrated.

12h00-12h10: Presentation of Innovation Booster SILVER AGING
12h10-12h20: Presentation of Innovation Booster ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
12h20-12h30 : Dr. Vincent Grek – AI, medicine and sport for elderly people
12h30-12h40 : Daria Mühlethaler – Supporting the Care Givers with GenAI
12h40-12h50: Q&A
12h50-13h00 : Prof. Dr. Tobias Nef
13h00-13h10 : Dennis Eitner
13h10-13h20 : Q&A
13h20-13h30 : Wrap-up

Organized by IB Silver Aging and IB Artificial Intelligence

Webinar: 12. Learn & Lunch – Challenges for SMEs: How can responsible AI be used as a competitive advantage (Deutsch)

Due to rising social expectations and new laws on the responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI), it is becoming increasingly important for companies to ensure the trustworthiness and ethical acceptability of AI applications. However, instead of viewing these requirements merely as a challenge, they also offer companies the opportunity to innovate and differentiate themselves from the competition. The aim of this event is to jointly explore the business challenges in the area of responsible AI. It will also discuss how companies can proactively use these requirements to tap into new innovation opportunities and position themselves sustainably in the market.

Organized by GRdigital in cooperation with the Focus Topic Responsible AI and Expert Group Data Ethics, of the data innovation alliance

Info-Webinar IB Databooster and Artificial Intelligence

The Service à l’Innovation et à la Recherche (SIR) of the HES-SO is organizing a webinar on June 24, 2024 (12:00-13:00) to present two ideas supported by the Innosuisse Innovation Booster program. The funding opportunities in the frame of the Innovation Booster databooster and Artificial Intelligence, for which Nabil Abdennadher, professor at HEPIA, is the representative in French-speaking Switzerland, will be introduced and explained.

Organized by HES-SO, HEPIA and the data innovation alliance

Challenges in Data Management in Robotics Workshop

The Workshop on Challenges in Data Management in Robotics aims to bring together robotics enthusiasts, researchers, and industry professionals to discuss and address the pressing issues surrounding data management in robotics applications. Through keynotes, case studies, and breakout groups, participants will gain valuable insights into tackling data-related challenges in robotics and explore potential solutions.

Organized by IB Robotics and IB Artificial Intelligence