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Find the right experts and get financial support to boost your innovative data-based projects.

Databooster – your open network to collaborate across industry and academia


Your Journey through the Databooster with Design Thinking

NTN Innovation Booster – Databooster supports organizations in identifying, shaping and testing suitable scientific innovation ideas in research and development. We do this by connecting organizations with the experts that will assist them in analyzing how they can increase revenue with their ideas.

We guide you through the next steps all the way to an opportunity for an Innosuisse funded project.


Are you looking for new innovation opportunities that will take your organization a significant step further? Are you in need of partners who can support you in such innovation projects?
Then you are at the right hub.

Professionals from Industry and Research wishing to support innovation projects are invited to approach us at Databooster. No need to be a data innovation alliance member.

Network, inspire and boost your chances of a funding and market success through external competence and know-how.


Either come to us with a rough innovation idea or if you don’t have a concrete concept, visit our events to identify your innovation potential and generate ideas.

Then, build your winning team: we match you with research and industrial partners. You select your team amongst our suggested candidates.

Design thinking workshops bring all key players and stakeholders together: potential users, technical expertise and business viability answers. Problems are identified and ironed out in feedback loops to make a marketable solution.

Your innovation idea thus gets tested by real market experience and real users. If applicable, a prototype will be developed. This is where the hazy potential idea gets straightened out into a concrete, mature and start-ready reality.

Our process can enable you to apply for funding with a higher success rate.

By going through the entire Databooster process, you will have received all the tools and technology to make your innovation idea ready for a funding application. This springboard step would be the start to market launch.

Databooster – your open network to collaborate across industry and academia.

In order to strategically initiate the innovation process, to accompany it professionally and to support it financially, the federal government has launched the NTN Innovation Booster initiative. Databooster is part of this initiative.

“Sustainable innovations can
only arise in close cooperation
with the right actors.”

  • Der Databooster hat CitizenTalk sehr dabei geholfen, schnell und zuverlässig die richtigen Partner zu finden. Wir haben mit unseren Partnern, den beiden Fachhochschulen ZHAW und OST , bereits erfolgreich einen Innocheck durchgeführt und planen ein gemeinsames Innosuisse-Projekt “Beyond Public Management – E-Partizipation auf Basis kollektiver Intelligenz” mit Start im Januar 2022. “

    – Andreas P. Seonbuchner, CitizenTalk

  • “Ein spannender Design Thinking Workshop, an dem wir zusammen mit kompetenten Partnern innovative Entwicklungen identifiziert haben. Wir haben sehr gute und spannende Inputs sowie ganz neue Blickwinkel erhalten!”

    – Laurent Szymkowiak, Pax

  • “Doing research in isolation has typically low impact in real life. The Databooster is an excellent opportunity to find companies for applying state-of-the-art research to solve relevant real-world problems and thus generate positive impact to our society.”

    – Kurt Stockinger, ZHAW

  • The Databooster was the perfect fit for our specific needs. Thanks to it we were able to efficiently find the right academic partner for an Innosuisse project. Ultimately, we applied and won the Innosuisse grant! We wish we knew Databooster before.

    – Aldo Lamberti, Syntheticus

  • I started the collaboration with Databooster with a Call for Participation to identify academic and industrial partners for our data innovation project. In a very short time, they have identified very good connections. The Databooster shaping workshop permitted to DNEXT to improve the understanding of the viability and feasibility of our product.

    – Sami Jaballah, DNEXT

  • “Ich kenne den Databooster seit Beginn und habe einen eigenen Call for Participation eingereicht. Der Databooster-Prozess hat mir geholfen, eine Idee mit verschiedenen Leuten zu diskutieren und so zur Reife zu bringen.”

    – Nicolas Lenz, Litix


    Initiate Call
    If you have an innovative idea but don’t know how to proceed with it or are looking for a partner, we can support you. Get access to in-depth expertise that takes you from the initial challenge to a project proposal to apply for Innosuisse support.

    Open Calls
    Participate in an open call and offer your expertise to the call initiators. We connect at least one industry partner with at least one appropriate research partner and vice-versa.

    Unsure whether your idea is supported by our network or by the Databooster? Contact us anytime and we will gladly consult you or see previous Calls for Participation.


    As long as your innovation idea is orientated around data-based value-creation, you can get in touch with us. 

    Of course, we have areas we focus on, where we organize extra things like special events and idea mining. If you aren’t part of these focus topics, you can still submit your idea with us! In fact, even if you don’t have a concrete idea, you can still contact us to shape a potential project through expert help.

    We accept innovation ideas from our focus topics as well as from data-based value creation in general:

    WHY US?

    We believe that open innovation means better matches, leading to the best results. There are no membership requirements and any size company or startup, or academic partner can approach us.

    Your Benefits:

    • We have an established network within Switzerland with key expertise
    • Innovations are necessary for the survival of companies. We help you stay ahead of market competition, ward against business stagnation and boost chances of company growth and revenue.
    • Data is the new oil – Databooster pushes innovation in data-based services, combining new methods and technologies in Data Science with novel business and service concepts.


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