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Innovation Process

The innovation process of the data innovation alliance aims to produce radically new innovations for the Swiss economy. This process is iterative and can repeat or skip steps as needed. The aim is to initiate projects with a high level of innovation.

After each step there are three options:

  1. an innovation project is initiated,
  2. the question is rejected or
  3. further clarifications are necessary.


Identify challenges in your company and let us know about it to initiate the process. And/or participate in one of the workshops on a specific topic or a technology push workshop organized by the Focus Topic Leaders and identify your challenges there.


Further suitable partners from industry, research and society for the formulated challenges will be sought via a call and a team will be put together for open innovation workshops.


The assembled team conducts a service design workshop under the direction of a professional moderator. In this first step, the stakeholders and customers (beneficiaries) are identified. The key is to understand customer needs in order to formulate a value proposition for them. A first assessment of the feasibility is another result.


In the reshaping workshop the technical feasibility is discussed in more detail and several solution ideas are developed and compared. The workshop is again led by a professional moderator. The aim is to describe an adequate solution.

Deep Dive

Depending on the degree of maturity of the solution, the implementation of a prototype (Minimal Viable Products, MVP) can be useful to check the basic feasibility. The essential solution ideas are checked and a roadmap for implementation is drawn up.