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What is the IB Artificial Intelligence?

With the Innovation Booster (IB) Artificial Intelligence we co-create radical innovations. The IB Artificial Intelligence promotes innovation through the use of socially- and economically viable AI. It is an innovation-driven open community based on a network of 600+ experts in technological, business-related and social disciplines from industry and academia, open to all innovation actors in Switzerland.
It identifies innovation opportunities and supports innovative ideas of experts and researchers, enabling the development of new solutions – successful in the market, and accepted by society. The IB Artificial Intelligence aims to create a bridge between research competence and demand from industry and end-users by fostering AI-based innovation with open co-creation of ideas. It integrates technological, business-related and social dimensions for creating sustainable solutions.

About IBs

Innovation Boosters are a community with an open innovation culture in which key players work together with agile and user-centric methods to explore problems and develop sustainable new ideas for radical solutions collaboratively. In doing so, they give Swiss companies and organisations a competitive advantage and create important added value for the Swiss economy and society.