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Workshop on flexible working conditions in STEM

At data innovation alliance, we believe that a team performs better when people from different backgrounds work together. This also requires a framework that meets the needs of different groups of employees.

In our first workshop we want to address the concerns of employees who need more flexibility at work (due to family situation, hobbies or other reasons). This large group of people has to deal with unfavorable political conditions in Switzerland (short parental leave, no individual taxation, insufficient offers for external childcare, poor pension schemes for part-time employees). This makes it all the more important for employers to design working conditions that are advantageous for this group. Especially in the STEM sector, the conditions should actually be favorable.

In an opening presentation, Priska Burkard will share experiences from her work promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM. Through her company Techface, Priska is in intensive exchange with women in tech jobs and knows their concerns and challenges.

In the further course of the workshop, we will specifically compare the perspectives of employees and employers and specifically shed light on the topic of re-entry (e.g. after parental leave).

The workshop is in English and aimed at both decision-makers on the employer side (HR, C-level) and affected (or unaffected) employees.



Jan 25 2023


15:00 - 17:00


Lagerstrasse 45, 8004 Zürich, Room ZL O3.01


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