We gladly announce the eighth meeting of the Spatial Data Analytics Expert Group! After the online meeting in June we will switch back to a physical meeting – respecting the rules and recommendations by the FOPH. We’re happy to have Madlene Nussbaum from BFH-HAFL as our meeting chair and host!

Why: To dive into the topic of spatial sampling, discuss different strategies, applications and best practices
What: Two presentations followed by discussions and exchange amongst the participants.
Where: See member calendar

Your contribution
If you have any inputs that might be of greater interest to the other experts, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the organizers until 20th of August.

Please use the following link to register/unregister for the event: https://forms.gle/2KVcKx6xmgznTFLT8

We’re looking forward to the event!

Madlene, Stefan and Nic

madlene.nussbaum@bfh.ch / stefan.keller@hsr.ch / nic@litix.ch