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Expert Group Meeting – Data-Driven Business Model

Data-Driven Business Models: Insights from business practitioners

The expert group Data-Driven Business Models invites all members to participate in this event, featuring two talks, followed by Q&A.

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5:00 pm – Transforming railway by leveraging advanced business models and data analytics – incl. Q & A

5:30 pm – Self Service BI in the Migros Group – incl. Q & A

Talk 1 – Transforming railway by leveraging advanced business models and data analytics

Kevin Kulzer, Sales Consultant, Siemens Mobility AG

The need for sustainable mobility solutions and the corresponding rise of energy costs spur rolling stock operators. To keep their business attractive and profitable, they demand reductions in rolling stock’s total cost of ownership. Thus, manufacturers of this equipment need to develop new solutions to enable these reductions. Predictive maintenance based on comprehensive data analytics allows for reducing maintenance costs and increasing the equipment’s uptime. Siemens will provide us their learnings regarding their journey to offer predictive maintenance solutions to rolling stock operators.

Biography: Kevin Kulzer

Kevin Kulzer is driven by enabling green and sustainable mobility. He strives to bring customer needs and Siemens’ expertise together to empower the business of their customers. Based on his solid education in Engineering Management (M.Eng.) and various practical experiences in the mobility sector, he follows his passion as a Sales Consultant at Siemens Mobility.

Business Talk 2 – Self Service BI in the Migros Group

Manuel Blunschi, Product Owner of SSBI, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund

Several dozen very different companies and institutions work for one and the same company in very different markets: Migros. With a turnover of 28.7 billion Swiss francs (2019), the Migros Group is the largest retail trade company and, with over 106,000 employees, the largest private employer in Switzerland. 10 Migros cooperatives operate the Migros Group’s core business, the retail trade. Migros also includes numerous industrial companies, various trading, travel and logistics companies as well as Migros Bank.

The need for business intelligence is correspondingly large and diverse. To enable Migros employees to work independently and “data-driven”, the Migros Cooperative Association (MGB) offers them “Self Service Business Intelligence” (SSBI).

Biography: Manuel Blunschi

Manuel Blunschi worked for two years in Reporting & Analytics at SIX before joining the Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund in August 2020. As Product Owner of SSBI, his work consists of addressing the self-service needs of the entire Migros Group and implementing them together as a team. Manuel holds a bachelor and master degree in business informatics.


We are looking forward to welcoming you personally!

Christoph Blum, Patrick Buck

on behalf of the Expert Group



Dez 10 2020


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Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services
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