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Wednesday, August 26 2020, 17:00 until 18:00


Data-Driven Business Models: Insights from business practitioners

The Expert Group Data-Driven Business Models invites all members to participate in this event, featuring two talks, followed by Q&A.

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5:00 pm

From Transactions to Outcomes – A transformation of the business model 
incl. Q & A

5:30 pm

Evrlearn – a Market Network for impactful Lifelong Learning Journeys
incl. Q & A


Talk 1

From Transactions to Outcomes – A transformation of the business model

Philipp Schmid, Group Strategic Marketing Manager, SKF

Today, industrial companies are mainly driven by transactional business models. The ongoing digitalization enables suppliers of hardware products to gain more knowledge about the usage of their installed base. This knowledge provides valuable insights that could be exploited to offer their customers added value in addition to their traditional hardware products. Offering additional value comes along with a transformation of the business model. SKF allows us to gain insight into their transformation path.

Biography: Philipp Schmid

Philipp Schmid is a highly experienced and result-driven Marketing manager & Technical expert at SKF. His work is related to global wind energy and metals industries. He joined SKF in 2008 and holds a diploma in economics and a Bachelor’s degree in engineering.


Business Talk 2

Evrlearn – a Market Network for impactful Lifelong Learning Journeys

Felix Schmid – Co-Founder

Evrlearn works as a market network, powered by the principle of network effects and cumulative information.

On the user side, learners experience a recommendation algorithm providing specific search results based on their actual curricula and career goals. They can search, connect with peers and coaches, book courses and provide feedback about their learning experiences. Providers benefit from a publishing platform with management capabilities. They can manage enquiries and registrations, interact with curious learners, publish information on featured courses and get access to relevant market information.

The result is a network of learners, providers, experts, coaches and peers, all connected through their mutual interest in continuous growth and career development.

Biography: Felix Schmid

Felix is the initiator and Co-Founder of Evrlearn AG. With his professional experience between Business and IT in the Telecommunications industry and the gained expertise in the lifelong learning market at the biggest provider in Switzerland – rounded up with a EMBE HSG in Business Engineering – he brings the assets to match a data-oriented business model with the current challenges in lifelong learning.


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