The expert group Data-Driven Business Models invites all members to participate in this event, featuring two talks, followed by Q&A and Networking Apero.

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4:30 pm Welcome & Registration
4:45 pm Intro
5:00 pm Content is king, but data is the driver  –  incl. Q & A
5:30 pm AI powered Hawk Eye –  incl. Q & A
6:00 pm Start Networking-Apero
Pre-Session *:
3:30 pm Meet-an-Expert Sessions (2x30min)

Talk 1

Content is king, but data is the driver.
Christian Ammendola

The media industry is a highly digitized industry which is in the middle of the digital transformation. The business model of media companies, and also of NZZ, is centered around a digital strategy in which data plays a relevant role. In this presentation Christian Ammendola will provide an overview of the role of data in supporting different goals in the digital transformation at NZZ.

Biography: Christian Ammendola is Head of Data, Analytics and AI at Neue Züricher Zeitung (NZZ) where he leads a data team consisting of data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists.

Prior to NZZ he was working for 5 years in a startup leading a small data science team designing and implementing machine learning driven data products in the mobile devices field. He also successfully completed several Innosuisse projects focusing on innovative data products such as a recommender system and a market segmentation tool driven by machine learning models. In the course of his career Christian worked in different data roles with main focus on data science but also data warehousing, data engineering and data analytics. Christian holds a Master in Computer Science and a specialization on machine learning and statistical techniques.

Talk 2

AI Powered Hawk Eye
Jürgen Schwärzler, Senior Consultant, D ONE
Ioanna Tzanetou, Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

Gain business-relevant information from untouched sources (document archives, e-mails, videos, voice recordings  or other document repositories) – which previously could not be made usable, or only with much effort. With the AI framework „Hawk Eye“ you can convert documents and media content into structured, usable and valuable information. The AI framework can be adapted and applied in any company to support many use cases.

Biography: Dr Jürgen Schwärzler
Jürgen received his PhD in Statistics from University of Vienna in 2004. Before joining D ONE he worked for several years in the tech industry in Silicon Valley. His areas of expertise are Machine Learning, predictive modelling, A/B testing and cognitive Services.

Biography: Ioanna Tzanetou
Ioanna holds a MSc from ETH Zürich in Management, Technology and Economics and a Bachelor in Computer Engineering and Informatics. Before joining Microsoft, she worked as a research assistant at the University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong. Her areas of expertise are Machine Learning, Cognitive Services and Augmented Reality

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* Data-Driven Business Models: Meet-an-Expert Sessions

New offering for members: distinct meet-an-expert sessions, where you are able to meet an expert to discuss emerging questions in the realm of “Data-driven Business Models”. D ONE and the Institute of Technology Management (University of St. Gallen) are offering each two slots of about 30 minutes to discuss problems and provide first hints or propositions to solve these. The sessions will take place from 15.30 – 16.30 before the Expert-group event.

To reserve one of these slots, please contact Patrick Buck ( of D ONE or Philipp Osterrieder ( from the University of St. Gallen with a brief summary of your situation and problem. You may choose your favorite expert, or we assign the one with the best fit to your question.

Do not hesitate to reach us through mail or telephone and profit from the possibility to meet an expert as part of the Data+Service Alliance. However, be aware that only four slots are available, therefore, first come first serve.