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Data, Documents & Donuts: Structuring Today’s Data With The Experts

Almost every business process contains documents created for the purpose of human collaboration, and which typically contain some form of data.

Think about studies, technical documents, certificates & regulatory compliance, or contracts – unstructured data within them cannot automatically be processed by machines and are hard to be analyzed without unimaginable amounts of manual effort.

Automatically extracting the relevant information from these documents is a challenging task for many reasons, e.g., a convoluted structure of the documents, tables, pictures, and even handwriting.

This workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners to leverage expert knowledge on complex document understanding and extraction.

Address: Acodis, Stadthausstrasse 14, 8400 Winterthur (Floor 3)

Preliminary Agenda:

08:45 – Reception & Welcome Coffee/Donuts 
09:00 – Handwriting recognition (20’ + 5′ Q&A)  
09:25 – KPI Extraction from financial reports (20′ + 5′ Q&A)  
09:50 – An applied research approach to table recognition (20′ + 5′ Q&A)  
10:15 – Extracting and structuring batch records with Acodis (20′ + 5′ Q&A)  
10:40 – Open Discussion and Databooster Ideation 
11:00 – End and farewell




Nov 08 2022


08:45 - 11:00


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