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INSIGHTS APP – Collective Intelligence-based Leadership and Ideation Service

Collaborative cultures of cooperation will determine future success in public management. Digitization offers new technical possibilities in communication, collaboration and (political) leadership. If we succeed in combining innovation with the creation of democratic values at eye level, citizens, public administration, and their employees and leaders will all benefit. The key to success lies in the digital integration and participation of all people involved.
INSIGHTS effectively combines the elements of integration, participation and digitization, focuses on an agile network and puts people in their respective roles at the heart of attention. We achieve more when we work not just alongside or with each other, but for each other in a network. In this way, we feel connected to everyone and engage more effectively in finding the best solutions together. Only those who experience their own actions and doings as meaningful and who have creative freedom in the fulfillment of their tasks or thereby feel that they are part of a larger whole will be able to fully contribute their performance and innovation potential to others – regardless of whether it is an employee, a leader, an entire department or a citizen.
For employees and leaders, integration, participation and digitization are essential in today’s home office reality to ensure full performance and potential development as well as mental health issues through an appreciation-based and motivation-based corporate culture. Today, employees already have changed expectations of their working environment. Discipline, hierarchy and silo structures are being replaced by concepts such as collaboration, democratic decision-making processes and participation. The leadership behavior of leaders who meet these new values is already strategically important today.
Citizens are motivated to participate digitally via app in important decision-making processes and to make their personal contribution, especially in areas in which they are directly or indirectly affected.
For citizens, this offers an ideal opportunity to get involved directly and at any time for their own interests. For the administrative authority a perfect possibility to reach the desired citizen contact fast and straightforward – for more acceptance of the decided actions, a foresight of the emerging (risk) topics and interests of the citizens, the communication of respect, which they can show to the citizens and therefore create trust in the administrative authority. Being close to the citizens is thus not just a slogan, but a plannable activity of the administrative authority.

INSIGHTS uses the implicit knowledge and experience of all roles, whether employees, leaders or citizens through collective intelligence and mobilizes their creative and implementing power for the best solutions. Everyone is always heard equally on important questions, projects, strategies and already implemented decisions, shares their own opinion completely independently without any external pressure or bias and votes anonymously with their knowledge and experience on the ideas and solutions developed by means of preference comparison – in real time. At the same time, new innovative answers to existing questions can be continuously fed into the knowledge pool by everyone – for the sake of employees, leaders, the administrative authority, individual departments and the citizens alike.
Employees can use INSIGHTS for their personal questions and concerns in times of home office, find a buddy, coach or mentor for future collaboration, have a personal or professional exchange, find solutions for a current problem, get their own food for thought or complete their own ideas and make them better.
Leaders and department heads can use INSIGHTS for their management activities as a basis for solutions to existing problems to be worked out, as an early warning system and indicator of what the employees are concerned with, for the very important corporate culture work through involvement and transparency of the employees being managed and creation of a “WE feeling”.

Call for participation
HR can feel the pulse of the organizational corporate culture, conduct satisfaction surveys for upcoming or completed projects, extract direct learnings from them, use them as an indicator of how
the effective psychological health of employees is going, use them as an early warning system and transparent foresight of what issues are coming and more.
Administrators are roles that are allowed to ask questions and are also open to employees, leaders, department heads, and departments, but not to the citizens. Administrators can split their own organization into sub-organizations and launch their own protected collaborative democratic collective- intelligence-based surveys in these rooms without having to re-register. Create rooms for employees, management circles, customer surveys, administrative management, citizens, associations, departments and inform their stakeholders everytime via notification when new questions and answers are available.
The citizens will not be administrators. They are digitally “interviewed” by selected administrators. The citizens can be invited as a user to all collaborative surveys or make their own proposals to the administrative management.
The features:

  • Cross-organizational and cross-departmental structure
    Different sub-structures or parallel internal and external stakeholder groups can be handled at
    the same time.
  • Digital (political) leadership à
    For administrative management, employees, leaders, HR and the citizens.
  • Digital employee coaching and mentoring service
    For employees and HR.
  • Duplications
    We solve duplications through the algorithm.
  • Digital (political) opinion survey
    For administrative management, employees, leaders, HR and the citizens.
  • Collaborative culture of cooperation
    Innovative responses that constantly evolve like Wikipedia.
  • No bias
    There are no multiple-choice answers, clearing the way for innovation.
  • Protection of one’s own thinking power
    The opinions of others are not seen at the time of voting. Each respondent shares their own
    personal opinion without outside influence.
  • Psychological safety
    Full independence and anonymity of all stakeholders for the best solutions. No influence by
    the “loudest”.
  • No up- or downvoting
    We effectively protect against manipulation by comparing preferences.
  • Reporting of inappropriate posts
    We make sure that any “disqualifying” responses can be filtered out.
  • No data loss due to early terminated survey
    We always collect as much and as little information as each respondent is willing to give.
  • Motivation & appreciation of all stakeholders
    Democratic integration and participation leads to full innovation and solutions not yet known.
    Everything that is important for upcoming decisions, strategies or projects.
  • Everyone gets a chance to speak
    Even those who would otherwise not express their views.
  • High innovation power
    Through collaboration and collective intelligence.
  • Democracy and transparency
    During and after completion of the collaborative survey, no one can take corrective action. The
    survey is documented and transparent to all stakeholders.
  • User identification
    Each user is validated by their mobile phone.
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