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Extended Geospatial Data Cube

Extended Geospatial Data Cube- searching for project partners Geospatial data are widely used as explanatory variables for large-scale data analysis and modeling. Many data sources are available today, some of them with high spatial or even temporal resolution
and impressive data quality. However, the potential of using these sources is underachieved. Possible reasons are data costs, but even more a lack of user knowledge or the unhandy data formats.

In the field of satellite data, the new platform SwissDataCube addresses these problems. It offers preprocessed satellite data in a data cube with a uniform spatial resolution (regular grid over Switzerland).

As of Spring 2021 Swisstopo is making its basic geodata freely available (OGD). A large part of this data is available in vector formats and its use is tricky and time-consuming.

The goal is to expand the SwissDataCube with the data from Swisstopo (and other federal offices) and make this geodata accessible to a large target group. The goal is a data cube which:

  • covers Switzerland as a whole
  • provides all data layers in a uniform resolution (first 100m, then 10m, 1m)
  • is based on high quality data sets
  • is updated regularly
  • can be used via an API (Application Programming Interface), for download, as geoservices or as linked data

Intended contents in the extended data cube are:

  • data derived from the elevation model (height, slope, curvature, exposition)
  • percentage of forest / sealed area / cultivated land / …
  • proximity to public transport / hospital / supermarket / …
  • time series such as hours of sunshine / rain / snow / wind / …
  • population, et cetera

The company is looking for pilot users who use the data cube for their analyzes and who participate in the prioritization of the data variables. They are also open to other ideas or contributions.
If you are interested and want to contribute with your company, send an email to (Deadline February 24, 2021), stating

  • Which data levels and resolution are most valuable for you?
  • Do you have already a specific test case in mind? If yes, in which field is it situated?
  • What form of participation are you interested in
    • As project partner, investing manpower or cash and in return influencing (prioritizing) the project?
    • As implementor of a test case?
    • As pilot customer, purchasing access to the data cube
  • Are you willing to implement a test case or would you prefer to contribute with a cash contribution?
  • Could you participate in a Shaping workshop in March?
We are no longer accepting applications for this call. Contact us for more details.